Tips for Painting an Accent Wall

Accent walls are an easy, stylish way to make the interior of your home stand out. By adding a pop of color to an otherwise dull room, you can dress up your living space in no time. Nevertheless, you can’t just paint any wall any color you want. Before you get started, check out these tips for painting an accent wall:

Use a wall with a focal pointTips for Painting an Accent Wall

The best way to pick which wall will become your accent wall is to choose one with a focal point. This includes a wall that has a special piece of art, a sculpture, or a fireplace. However, some room features should not be the focal point of your room. For instance, you should choose an accent wall with no doors or windows. Accent walls combined with these features make for a distracting look, plus the light from your windows will obscure the color during the day.

Be original

Think outside the box when planning for your accent wall. One popular new interior design trend is to paint the ceiling an accent color. Another is to use wallpaper with an interesting pattern. Vivid colors are always in style as well—just make sure to pick a color that complements the rest of your décor

Consider the colors of your other walls

The color that you choose for your accent wall will depend on the color of your other walls. Most accent walls look best with high contrast. In other words, if you have a neutral color for your other walls, use a strong color for your accent wall, and vice versa.

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