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How to Correctly Use Paint Samples

Whether you have just moved in or you’ve been there for twenty years, repainting a home can greatly transform your space. However, it can also feel like a huge commitment. Sure, it can – and eventually will – be colored over in the future, but that doesn’t mean that you want to put a color… Read more »

Using Multiple Paint Colors in One Room

Home Painting Tips

If you are looking to update your home and want to modernize it a bit in the process, consider using multiple paint colors in one room. Richard Stewart Painting has some suggestions on how to use multiple paint colors in one room in order to create a trendy, unique room. Choosing the Right Room Any… Read more »

Recognizing the Need for Exterior Paint

Does your home need exterior paint? You might not be able to tell. Keep in mind that a fresh paint job is a critical component of home maintenance, and that peeling or chipping paint can make a home that’s otherwise in great condition look run-down. Follow these handy tips to determine whether it’s time for… Read more »

Painting Your Rental

Are you living in a rental and you’re no longer feeling inspired by the off-white color that covers your walls? Regardless, many people that rent are allowed to paint as long as the landlord is aware and approves the improvement. If you are eager to paint your rental space, there are various things to consider… Read more »