Seven Essential Painting Tools

Painting ToolsIf you’re considering a DIY paint job for your home or business, you’ll need the right tools.

These are the essential painting tools to pick up on your next trip to the hardware store:


No need to get fancy here. Some standard ScotchBlue painter’s tape will do the trick. For detail work, try FrogTape, which creates a tighter seal around the edges.

Drop cloth

Don’t risk damaging your floors or furniture with paint spills. Canvas drop cloths are the most durable, plus they’re reusable.

Paint tray

If you can’t stand refilling your paint tray multiple times, try the Bercom Handy Paint Tray, which fits an entire can of paint.


Do not—we repeat, do not—attempt to paint hard-to-reach areas while standing on a chair or a small, rickety ladder. It’s just not worth the risk. Invest in a sturdy, adjustable-height ladder instead. Plus, once the paint job is complete, you’ll find yourself using the ladder for other tasks around the home or office.

Paint rollers and refills

Try extension poles and 18-inch rollers for maximum reach and coverage.


You’ll need a set of small brushes for touchups, missed spots and detail work once the tape comes off. As an alternative, try a paint touchup pen.

A Texture Terminator

If the first step of your paint job involves scraping off a popcorn ceiling, we recommend one of these handy tools to make your life easier.

No need to shop for painting tools if you hire a professional residential painter or commercial painter. If you’re in the Sunland area, contact Richard Stewart Painting!

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