Residential Painting Services Add Value to Your Home

Residential Painting Services LAWhen people first approach your home, whether they’re guests or potential buyers, one of the first things they notice is the paint. Cracked, peeling or chipping paint can make a home that’s otherwise in great condition look worn-down and decrepit, whereas a fresh paint job makes the home look fresh and well cared-for.

The same goes for interior paint. A fresh paint job can instantly make a room look brighter, more cheerful and more modern. Visitors and buyers tend to focus on the kitchen and the bathroom, including cabinets.

There’s no doubt about it—a recent professional paint job makes a great first impression. But what effect does it have on your home’s market value?

According to Consumer Reports, a new exterior paint job can increase your home’s value by up to 5%! Painting also has a positive ROI (return on investment), meaning that the amount you’ll spend on painting your home is less than the added value a new paint job will contribute to your home’s market value.

Painting adds value to your home because the last thing a potential buyer wants to worry about is having to make expensive repairs. An outdated paint job means that the buyer will soon have to fork out for new paint—and she’s probably wondering what other deferred maintenance she’ll have to take care of after closing.

So, as we’ve seen, one of the best ways to add value to your home is to hire a professional housepainter. Make sure your Sunland, California-area home receives its full market value by giving Richard Stewart Painting a call at 818-951-1181. Our interior and exterior painting services will wow potential buyers and make your home look fantastic!

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