How to Correctly Use Paint Samples

Whether you have just moved in or you’ve been there for twenty years, repainting a home can greatly transform your space. However, it can also feel like a huge commitment. Sure, it can – and eventually will – be colored over in the future, but that doesn’t mean that you want to put a color on your walls that you don’t fall absolutely in love with. Thankfully, however, there is a simple solution: paint samples.

When used correctly, paint samples can give you a clear idea of how a particular color will look on your walls. Here’s how:

Paint your samples at eye level

How to Correctly Use Paint Samples

With samples, you want to best replicate how you’ll be staring at your color each and every day. To do this, paint your samples at eye level, and don’t be afraid to put furniture in front of them, hold up pillows to them or hang pictures over them to create a complete picture in your mind. With your two or three top competitors applied next to each other on the wall that the winner will eventually reside, it will be easy to tell which is right for you.

Revisit your samples throughout the day

The way a color appears in the daytime will greatly differ on how it looks at nighttime. So, after you’ve applied your swatches to the wall, revisit them throughout the day (or over the course of a couple days), paying attention to how they appear in morning, afternoon and evening light. If you love how a color looks in the morning, but hate how it looks in the afternoon, you’ll want to choose a different color.

Still can’t come to a paint color decision after sampling swatches on your walls? That’s why the professionals at Richard Stewart Painting are here to help. With years of experience, we can guide you through the color selection process and paint the walls for you, taking all the hard work out of the interior decorating process.

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