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Are Paint Fumes Harmful?

Are Paint Fumes Harmful?

Everyone loves the look of a fresh coat of paint, but what they don’t love is paint fumes. An unfortunate byproduct of fresh paint, paint fumes can quickly consume a whole room. This causes many people to wonder, how safe are paint fumes? Is breathing them in harmful to your health? Here we address those… Read more »

How Often Should I Paint the Interior of My House?

How often should I paint my house interior? It’s a question many homeowners ask themselves. Keep in mind that a fresh coat of paint will reinvigorate a room, and a chipped or scuffed one will make it look dilapidated and run-down. Here’s how to decide whether it’s time to paint your house’s interior: Does the… Read more »

Residential Painting Services Add Value to Your Home

When people first approach your home, whether they’re guests or potential buyers, one of the first things they notice is the paint. Cracked, peeling or chipping paint can make a home that’s otherwise in great condition look worn-down and decrepit, whereas a fresh paint job makes the home look fresh and well cared-for. The same… Read more »