Are Solar Power Requirements Coming to San Francisco?

When imagining a modern city, many of us envision glass-wrapped buildings with rounded edges, smooth and chic cars and – often – open spaces or rooftops adorned with solar panels, providing clean and environmentally friendly energy to the citizens. If you live in San Francisco, this may soon be your renewable energy-friendly reality. San Francisco… Read more »

Advice for Painting Your Child’s Bedroom

There are few rooms more fun to paint and decorate than children’s room, and this comes down to one simple reason. Kids are fearless when it comes to color. From hot pink to neon green, we have dipped our paint brushes in many incredible hues when transforming children’s rooms from their original nursery pastel to the… Read more »

Using Pantone’s Fall 2016 Colors in Your Home

Pantone recently released their Fall 2016 Fashion Color Report and we at Richard Stewart Painting could not be more excited! A color palette that was inspired by feelings of tranquility and optimism, Pantone’s fall picks include calming blues and grays, warm earth tones and two exotic shades – yellow and purple. Regardless of your home’s… Read more »

The Benefits of Painting with Neutrals

For the individual who loves to decorate and re-decorate their home, it can be difficult to choose a paint color for the walls. You don’t want to have to re-paint every few months when you get the itch to start moving furniture and finding unique new home décor, but you also want the rooms of… Read more »

Choosing the Right Color for Your Trim

One of the last things people usually think of when painting the interior of their home is the trim. The outlining piece of a room, there are many different options to try depending on the atmosphere you are looking to create. From natural wood to classic white, there is a much wider array of colors… Read more »

Transform Your Bedroom into a Relaxing Escape

As the New Year approaches we all begin to think about the changes we would like to see in the months to come. If you are looking for a way to reduce your stress in 2016, a fresh coat of paint may be able to help. Color can affect your mood in many ways, which… Read more »

Painting Advice for Staging Your Home

As you are preparing your home for market, there are some small changes you can make to create a more neutral environment that will attract potential buyers, allowing them to envision themselves living in your current abode. Think about the bold purple walls in your teenage daughter’s room or the dinosaur mural in your young… Read more »

Who Hates the Color Blue?

Would you ever paint your house completely blue? Maybe, maybe not. But you wouldn’t expect the entire neighborhood to be in such an uproar! The whole neighborhood turned on Keely and Peter Durbrova when they painted their home blue. It seems that most neighbors didn’t like the color blue. Maybe it got them thinking about… Read more »