Tips for Painting Your Commercial Building

Painting the exterior and/or interior of your commercial building properly can create a great first impression to potential customers. It’ll convince them that you’re a reliable company to do business with, and it’ll encourage them to return to your business over and over again. So if your commercial building needs an updated look, keep these… Read more »

Questions to Ask a Professional Painting Company

If you’ve decided to hire a professional painting company in LA for your interior and exterior needs, congratulations! We think you’ve made the right decision. However, it’s important to ask the right questions to make sure your home looks its best and save yourself money and stress. Here are some questions to ask a professional… Read more »

Why Surface Preparation is Important Before Painting

About to paint your home? Before you grab those brushes and rollers, take some time out for surface prep. Full surface preparation includes cleaning, repairing, sanding, patching, masking and priming. The process may be time-consuming, but it’s an essential step. An estimated 80 percent of paint failures are due to improperly preparing the surface. Here’s… Read more »

How Often Should I Paint the Interior of My House?

How often should I paint my house interior? It’s a question many homeowners ask themselves. Keep in mind that a fresh coat of paint will reinvigorate a room, and a chipped or scuffed one will make it look dilapidated and run-down. Here’s how to decide whether it’s time to paint your house’s interior: Does the… Read more »

Make Your Small Room Feel Bigger with These Paint Colors

If you’ve got a small room in your house, there’s no reason for it to feel cramped or claustrophobic. With the right paint color, you can make your small room feel bigger. Here are our tips: Navy blue Deep, rich colors create the perception of depth in a small space by accentuating shadows cast by… Read more »

Seven Essential Painting Tools

If you’re considering a DIY paint job for your home or business, you’ll need the right tools. These are the essential painting tools to pick up on your next trip to the hardware store: Tape No need to get fancy here. Some standard ScotchBlue painter’s tape will do the trick. For detail work, try FrogTape,… Read more »

Guide to Paint Finishes

Painting your home is about more than color. Choosing the right paint finish will make all the difference in determining your paint’s durability and ability to hide imperfections, as well as how often you need to clean the walls. Here’s our handy guide to the various types of paint finishes: High gloss This term refers… Read more »

Paint Color Trends for 2019

In need of a room refresh? Sometimes all it takes to reenergize a room is a fresh coat of paint in an exciting new hue. If you’re thinking of picking some new paint colors for your home, check out the top paint color trends for 2019: Hazelnut Looking for a classic yet unexpected neutral that… Read more »

Apps That Help You Choose the Right Paint Color

Choosing the right paint color for your home can be a difficult undertaking. Not only will your color choice help you decide which furniture pieces to buy, it will also determine the mood and feeling of your home. Lucky for you, there are handy tools just a click of a mouse or a tap of… Read more »

At Home DIY Painting Tips

If you’re planning to take on a DIY painting project, it pays to know what the pros do! Here are some of our DIY painting tips: Make sure you prep the surface The most flawless paint job in the world won’t hide cracks, chips or irregularities in your wall. Start by scraping, sanding, patching and… Read more »