Questions to Ask a Professional Painting Company

Painting Contractor LA If you’ve decided to hire a professional painting company in LA for your interior and exterior needs, congratulations! We think you’ve made the right decision. However, it’s important to ask the right questions to make sure your home looks its best and save yourself money and stress.

Here are some questions to ask a professional painting company:

Do you have insurance?

A professional painting company should have two types of insurance: comprehensive business liability, which protects your property from damage done by the contractor, and workmen’s compensation, which protects you from liability if workers get injured on your property.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

Understanding your painting company’s warranty policy will give you some peace of mind. Not all companies offer warranty, but most will offer a one- to three-year policy. Most issues with paint will show up in the first year, so this is reasonable to expect.

What schedule will you work?

It’s important to work out a schedule with your painting company, whether you prefer to be at home or out of the house when the painters are working. Also, find a company that will arrive in the morning, work full days and return until the job is done so that the work is complete as quickly as possible.

How will you protect my property?

Discuss this with your painting company in advance to ensure that your furniture, artwork and other possessions aren’t damaged. A good company will be conscientious with your belongings by putting down tarps, moving plants out of the way, etc.

If you need painting services for your Sunland-area home, give Richard Stewart Painting a call at 818-951-1181. We’re experienced professional painters and are here to answer any question you might have.

Why Surface Preparation is Important Before Painting

Tips for Painting About to paint your home? Before you grab those brushes and rollers, take some time out for surface prep. Full surface preparation includes cleaning, repairing, sanding, patching, masking and priming. The process may be time-consuming, but it’s an essential step. An estimated 80 percent of paint failures are due to improperly preparing the surface.

Here’s why surface preparation is important before painting:

Paint adhesion

You might think your wall is clean, but even if it looks spotless it probably still has dust, dirt and mold that will prevent your paint from properly adhering. Make sure your wall is dry before you paint it, as the paint will not adhere well to a wet or damp surface.

Even paint

If you fail to prime your surface before painting it, your paint will look uneven in shade. Sealing and priming your surface will help the paint absorb more evenly across the entire wall.


Damp walls, dirt, cracked surfaces and more can shorten the life of even the highest-quality paint job. Take the time to prep to make sure that your paint lasts longer.


Tempted to skip surface preparation, even though you now know all of the above? Don’t do it. Once the paint dries, your seemingly beautiful paint job will show uneven surfaces, dirt buildup and other imperfections. Take the time to prep for a flawless look.

Need help with painting and surface preparation for your Sunland, California, home or business? Give Richard Stewart Painting a call at 818-951-1181. Your paint will look fresh and new in no time at all!

How Often Should I Paint the Interior of My House?

Residental Interior PaintingHow often should I paint my house interior? It’s a question many homeowners ask themselves. Keep in mind that a fresh coat of paint will reinvigorate a room, and a chipped or scuffed one will make it look dilapidated and run-down.

Here’s how to decide whether it’s time to paint your house’s interior:

Does the paint look scuffed or chipped?

No matter how hard you try to keep your walls clean, kids, pets and everyday wear and tear can scuff and damage them. Kids’ bedrooms, hallways and other high-traffic areas generally need painting every two or three years.

Has the paint been exposed to high humidity?

Even if you’ve used a strong, durable paint the first time around, bathrooms and laundry rooms get so humid that any paint will wear down over time. Generally, these rooms need to be repainted every three to four years.

Do you need a décor refresh?

Generally, updated décor means updated paint, since you’ll likely be changing up your color scheme. For example, while living rooms and dining rooms typically need repainting every five to seven years, if you’re redoing your home’s look you may decide to repaint sooner than that.

Is your house on the market?

Beautiful staging and brand-new appliances won’t compensate for outdated or damaged interior paint. Make a good first impression on potential buyers with fresh paint.

If the interior of your Sunland, California, home is due to be repainted, give Richard Stewart Painting a call at 818-951-1181. Your interior will look fresh and new in no time at all!

Make Your Small Room Feel Bigger with These Paint Colors

Home Interior Painting Tips If you’ve got a small room in your house, there’s no reason for it to feel cramped or claustrophobic.

With the right paint color, you can make your small room feel bigger. Here are our tips:

Navy blue

Deep, rich colors create the perception of depth in a small space by accentuating shadows cast by furniture, houseplants and even curtains.

Neutral grays, blues and creams

For a pro designer tip, paint walls and trim in the same neutral shade of gray, blue, or cream. This makes your ceiling appear taller, and the room seem larger overall.

Rich neutral with white trim

Not into the monochrome look? Try a rich, possibly brown-based neutral with white trim to make your small room feel cozy yet spacious.


If you’ve got a small kitchen, make it feel brighter, sunnier and bigger with a warm, cheerful yellow. Try out a lighter shade first and up the intensity to your taste.

Super white

Super white reflects light and makes walls seem to disappear. Particularly if your small room gets a lot of sunlight, this could be a fantastic choice for making your room seem larger.


Paired with black and white, this shade looks sophisticated and can make any room seem bigger than it is.

A professional house painter can help you make even the most miniscule room in your home feel spacious and comfortable. If you’re in the Sunland area, give Richard Stewart Painting a call at 818-951-1181 today!

Seven Essential Painting Tools

Painting ToolsIf you’re considering a DIY paint job for your home or business, you’ll need the right tools.

These are the essential painting tools to pick up on your next trip to the hardware store:


No need to get fancy here. Some standard ScotchBlue painter’s tape will do the trick. For detail work, try FrogTape, which creates a tighter seal around the edges.

Drop cloth

Don’t risk damaging your floors or furniture with paint spills. Canvas drop cloths are the most durable, plus they’re reusable.

Paint tray

If you can’t stand refilling your paint tray multiple times, try the Bercom Handy Paint Tray, which fits an entire can of paint.


Do not—we repeat, do not—attempt to paint hard-to-reach areas while standing on a chair or a small, rickety ladder. It’s just not worth the risk. Invest in a sturdy, adjustable-height ladder instead. Plus, once the paint job is complete, you’ll find yourself using the ladder for other tasks around the home or office.

Paint rollers and refills

Try extension poles and 18-inch rollers for maximum reach and coverage.


You’ll need a set of small brushes for touchups, missed spots and detail work once the tape comes off. As an alternative, try a paint touchup pen.

A Texture Terminator

If the first step of your paint job involves scraping off a popcorn ceiling, we recommend one of these handy tools to make your life easier.

No need to shop for painting tools if you hire a professional residential painter or commercial painter. If you’re in the Sunland area, contact Richard Stewart Painting!

Guide to Paint Finishes

Paint Finishes Painting your home is about more than color. Choosing the right paint finish will make all the difference in determining your paint’s durability and ability to hide imperfections, as well as how often you need to clean the walls.

Here’s our handy guide to the various types of paint finishes:

High gloss

This term refers to paint with 85 percent gloss or higher. High-gloss paints are perfect for highlighting architectural features, like a unique fireplace or crown molding. They’re also good for high-traffic areas like kitchens, because they’re relatively easy to clean. Be forewarned: imperfections really show through with high-gloss paint, so prep the area thoroughly in advance.


With 35 to 75 percent sheen, semi-gloss paints are a good middle ground between functional and stylish. Consider a mildew-resistant variety for the bathroom.


Eggshell finishes have 20 to 35 percent gloss and provide a subtle sheen. They’re a good choice for adults’ bedrooms.


Flat, or matte, finishes work well to hide imperfections. In addition, matte finishes are economical because they have more pigment, so you’ll need less paint to cover the same area. However, they’re difficult to clean, so think carefully if you have pets or children.

  • Remember this general rule: with higher-gloss paints, your surfaces will be easier to clean but any imperfections will be more difficult to hide.

Once you’ve decided which paint finish is right for each room of your home, it’s time to hire a professional residential painter. If you’re in the Sunland area, give Richard Stewart Painting a call at 818-951-1181.

Paint Color Trends for 2019

Interior Painting LA In need of a room refresh? Sometimes all it takes to reenergize a room is a fresh coat of paint in an exciting new hue.

If you’re thinking of picking some new paint colors for your home, check out the top paint color trends for 2019:


Looking for a classic yet unexpected neutral that brightens up a room? Try different shades of hazelnut. This versatile hue won’t clash with existing furnishings and can actually make your space appear larger.

Forest green

This bold shade will bring a sense of the outdoors into your space while adding a serious dose of sophistication. Try it in areas that don’t have a view of the outdoors.

Misty blue

Blues with gray undertones will be big in 2019. Blue is perennially popular, and the misty gray notes will add a sense of serenity and calm to your space.

Lilac gray

Gray has long been a favorite neutral. Give it a 2019 twist by choosing a shade with lilac undertones. Lilac gray will make your room appear cheerful yet understated.

Clay and terra cotta

Zesty orange is also big for 2019, but if you prefer colors that are just as warm but much subtler, try shades of clay and terra cotta. These of-the-moment colors will give your room a sunny zing.

Once you’ve picked out some on-trend paint colors for your home, it’s time to hire a professional house painter. If you’re in the Sunland area, give Richard Stewart Painting a call at 818-951-1181.

Apps That Help You Choose the Right Paint Color

Painting Apps Choosing the right paint color for your home can be a difficult undertaking. Not only will your color choice help you decide which furniture pieces to buy, it will also determine the mood and feeling of your home. Lucky for you, there are handy tools just a click of a mouse or a tap of a smartphone away.

Here are our favorite apps that help you choose the right paint color:

Olympic Paint Visualizer

This free desktop app lets you autofill or hand-select areas and preselect a color palette. It preserves shadows in your image, so you can see how the color looks in various types of light. It also has an email option that will send you color names, numbers and swatches.

Sherwin Williams Color Snap

Our favorite thing about this app is its color match feature: it will automatically pick out the colors in an image it can match and create a palette with complementary colors. You can also use it on your mobile device.

Paint Tester

This app, available on iOS and Android, is not affiliated with a particular paint company, so you can test out colors from various companies. One feature we like is the Tape function, which lets you create perfect lines. You can also select colors from photos and play around with colors by lightening and darkening them.

Once you’ve used one of these apps to choose the right paint color for your home, it’s time to hire a professional house painter. If you’re in the Sunland area, give Richard Stewart Painting a call at 818-951-1181.

At Home DIY Painting Tips

Painting Tips If you’re planning to take on a DIY painting project, it pays to know what the pros do!

Here are some of our DIY painting tips:

Make sure you prep the surface

The most flawless paint job in the world won’t hide cracks, chips or irregularities in your wall. Start by scraping, sanding, patching and filling until your surface is as smooth as you can get it.

Check the weather

You might think the weather doesn’t matter if you’re painting indoors. Not so! Avoid painting on humid or rainy days. The moisture will cause your paint to drip and lengthen drying time (meaning there’s more time for your perfect paint job to get messed up).

Pick the right primer

Not all primers are created equal. Different types work better on different surfaces. For new drywall, use a water-based primer. If the surface is water-damaged, smoke-saturated or paneled, opt for an oil-based primer.

Tint the primer

Professional painters will often mix a small amount of topcoat paint into the primer. This enhances the topcoat’s coverage of the primer underneath.

Invest in a canvas drop cloth

You may be tempted to use plastic, but it can become slippery and torn. Canvas is much sturdier. It’s also reusable.

Save some time

No need to wash out your brushes if you’re planning to pick up the painting again tomorrow. Just wrap them in plastic wrap and you’re good to go!

Of course, the best way to achieve that professional look is to hire a pro! If you need interior or exterior painting for your Sunland-area home or business, give Richard Stewart Painting a call at 818-951-1181.

How to Pick the Right Paint Color for Your Storefront

Commercial Exterior PaintingWhether you own a bakery, clothing shop, hardware store or any other type of business, the color you choose to paint your storefront could have an impact on how many customers come into your store and spend money.

Here’s how to pick the right paint color for your storefront:

First, consider any building elements you can’t change

Particularly if you’re located in a shopping center where all storefronts have common elements, like blue roofs or orange tile accents, choose colors that will complement what’s already there.

Consider the psychology of color

Certain colors tend to inspire certain emotions or types of behavior. For example, red connotes hunger and is a great choice for a restaurant. Blue, on the other hand, is calming, so if your business is a spa, consider painting your storefront in shades of blue. Do you own a discount store? People tend to associate orange with a good bargain.

Think about the local climate

Hot and/or humid climates call for light, bright colors, which reflect sunlight and don’t fade as quickly. Go two shades darker since the color will lose some of its intensity as time passes.

No matter what color you choose, a professional paint job with no cracks or chips is always a good look. In the market for professional, affordable commercial painting services in the Sunland, California, area? Give Richard Stewart Painting a call at 818-951-1181. We have decades of experience and will make your storefront look fresh and inviting in no time!