How to Create a Color Palette for Your Whole Home

Picking one color is hard, creating a color scheme for one room is even more difficult, but deciding on a color palette for your entire house? Downright impossible. Many homeowners balk at the idea of trying to pick out a whole color scheme for their home, often becoming overwhelmed by the countless possibilities and color… Read more »

Choosing Between Flat and Satin Paints for Your Home’s Exterior

Painting the exterior of your home is much different from painting the interior. After all, the exterior of your home is subjected to the weather, the sun, and every-day wear and tear. This means that both the paint color and the sheen will be different from what you choose for your home’s interior. While with… Read more »

Does House Color Affect the Temperature Inside?

It’s almost wintertime, and that means shorter days and colder temps, even in Southern California. As a result, we’ll be finding as many ways as we can to keep our houses warmer without breaking the bank. But did you know that one of the factors impacting your indoor temperature is color? The color of your… Read more »