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Choosing Colors for Sun-Filled Rooms

Choosing Colors for Sun-Filled Rooms

Renovating a room that’s constantly bathed in sunlight? If the room you’re re-doing gets lots of natural light, choosing a paint color can get tricky. You don’t want something too yellow that mimics the sunlight but you don’t want something that’ll get easily washed out. Here are some tips to keep in mind for choosing… Read more »

Prevent Fading House Paint

House Painting Tips

There’s nothing like fading house paint to make your home look old and unattractive. If your house is on the market, fading house paint can discourage potential buyers and make your home look like it’s in worse shape than it is. Many homeowners fail to notice fading house paint, since it fades gradually, over time…. Read more »

Small Tips on Big Paint Jobs

If you’re planning to paint the outside of your home this spring or summer season, listen up! We have compiled a list of small tips that will come in useful for big paint jobs. Check the Weather Forecast In California, it’s typically warm enough to paint so you rarely will run into temperature issues. However,… Read more »

Recognizing the Need for Exterior Paint

Does your home need exterior paint? You might not be able to tell. Keep in mind that a fresh paint job is a critical component of home maintenance, and that peeling or chipping paint can make a home that’s otherwise in great condition look run-down. Follow these handy tips to determine whether it’s time for… Read more »

Paint Colors that Sell Homes

Spring has officially arrived, even though the weather isn’t quite reflecting that yet.  Regardless, “selling season” is here and many people are starting to prepare to sell their homes. Many real-estate agents will give you the same advice when it comes to selling your home: you must stage it well. From making sure the inside… Read more »

Painting Your Rental

Are you living in a rental and you’re no longer feeling inspired by the off-white color that covers your walls? Regardless, many people that rent are allowed to paint as long as the landlord is aware and approves the improvement. If you are eager to paint your rental space, there are various things to consider… Read more »