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Soup Kitchen Repainting

It’s amazing to see how a city block or a neighborhood can perk up when a fresh coat of paint is applied to one or more buildings. Homes and other large buildings make up the backdrop of any street scene and some bright new colors can change the entire atmosphere of an area. Here at… Read more »

Rehabilitation through Painting

Painting the walls yellow

Artistic expression is a noble pursuit no matter where you live. Not only does it give one an effective outlet for personal expression, building an artistic community can help lead to the revitalization of a town or city. Here at Richard Stewart Painting, we always notice how a street or city block looks just a… Read more »

Painting Your House an Unusual Color

Green and Brown Painted House

The housing world is saturated with neutral tones and earthy shades. We see white, brown, and beige more than any other colors when it comes to the exterior of houses, and yet there are thousands of colors at our disposal. Unfortunately, homes with bright lime green and hot pink exteriors have ruined much of the… Read more »

Richard Receives Award

The Sunland-Tujunga Chamber of Commerce has honored painting contractor Richard Stewart with the 2012 Small Business Award, in recognition of his outstanding community service and leadership. With an introduction by Chamber President Sonia Tatulian, Richard was presented with the award at the annual San Fernando Valley United Chambers Awards Breakfast. Richard Stewart Painting Richard Stewart… Read more »

Richard – “Bandito” Artist

Bandito Artist Painting Contractor by day, Bandito Artist by night, Richard Stewart pioneers a whole new art form. Also known as “El Bandito,” Stewart “steals” weeds, trash and debris from other people’s property–community eyesores–and replaces it with artistic creations. Bandito Art Club Richard Stewart, alias El Bandito, has started a club and encourages others to… Read more »