At Home DIY Painting Tips

Painting Tips If you’re planning to take on a DIY painting project, it pays to know what the pros do!

Here are some of our DIY painting tips:

Make sure you prep the surface

The most flawless paint job in the world won’t hide cracks, chips or irregularities in your wall. Start by scraping, sanding, patching and filling until your surface is as smooth as you can get it.

Check the weather

You might think the weather doesn’t matter if you’re painting indoors. Not so! Avoid painting on humid or rainy days. The moisture will cause your paint to drip and lengthen drying time (meaning there’s more time for your perfect paint job to get messed up).

Pick the right primer

Not all primers are created equal. Different types work better on different surfaces. For new drywall, use a water-based primer. If the surface is water-damaged, smoke-saturated or paneled, opt for an oil-based primer.

Tint the primer

Professional painters will often mix a small amount of topcoat paint into the primer. This enhances the topcoat’s coverage of the primer underneath.

Invest in a canvas drop cloth

You may be tempted to use plastic, but it can become slippery and torn. Canvas is much sturdier. It’s also reusable.

Save some time

No need to wash out your brushes if you’re planning to pick up the painting again tomorrow. Just wrap them in plastic wrap and you’re good to go!

Of course, the best way to achieve that professional look is to hire a pro! If you need interior or exterior painting for your Sunland-area home or business, give Richard Stewart Painting a call at 818-951-1181.

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