Apps That Help You Choose the Right Paint Color

Painting Apps Choosing the right paint color for your home can be a difficult undertaking. Not only will your color choice help you decide which furniture pieces to buy, it will also determine the mood and feeling of your home. Lucky for you, there are handy tools just a click of a mouse or a tap of a smartphone away.

Here are our favorite apps that help you choose the right paint color:

Olympic Paint Visualizer

This free desktop app lets you autofill or hand-select areas and preselect a color palette. It preserves shadows in your image, so you can see how the color looks in various types of light. It also has an email option that will send you color names, numbers and swatches.

Sherwin Williams Color Snap

Our favorite thing about this app is its color match feature: it will automatically pick out the colors in an image it can match and create a palette with complementary colors. You can also use it on your mobile device.

Paint Tester

This app, available on iOS and Android, is not affiliated with a particular paint company, so you can test out colors from various companies. One feature we like is the Tape function, which lets you create perfect lines. You can also select colors from photos and play around with colors by lightening and darkening them.

Once you’ve used one of these apps to choose the right paint color for your home, it’s time to hire a professional house painter. If you’re in the Sunland area, give Richard Stewart Painting a call at 818-951-1181.

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