Color Me Gray

For roughly five years now, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms, have been painted gray. Even coffee tables, cupboards, and countertops have been purchased or painted gray. Although many people thought that the gray trend would fade out, it’s still going strong. In fact, we expect to stay for 2017.

Sets Any Style
Another benefit to choosing a gray paint color for your walls is that you can achieve any style you are aiming for.  From country, to modern, to nautical, gray will fit into your home’s theme. A light colored gray can be considered a rustic color that would pair well with wired farmhouse décor and a white old window frame hanging above the couch. A richer, dark gray is more of a sophisticated color. Dark gray can very chic when it is paired with a patterned curtain and stainless steel accessories.

Accent Color Freedom
grayCool colors have dominated paint trends in recent months and gray has continuously topped the list. Gray is a neutral that paired without essentially any color. It can be paired with bright bold yellows or a deep sea blue. It can even be paired easily with copper or gold, making your picture frames match regardless that you changed the wall color. Matching home décor to a gray room is so simple it’s almost stressful. Anything will match gray walls, so whether you want to purchase that bright red vase or that dark purple coffee table, the answer is “yes!”

Pairs Well Together
Have you ever gotten your walls painted and realized that the majority of your décor no longer goes? Perhaps you suddenly hate the countertops that you’ve always loved. If you paint your walls gray, you can always accessories with different shades of gray. Although some people desire pops of color, many people can’t get enough of neutrals. Pairing gray with gray can work and it can work well. If you paint your walls a very light gray, you can easily install dark gray countertops and have all come together seamlessly.

If you’re thinking about going gray, contact Richard Stewart Painting, the premiere choice for interior and exterior commercial and residential painting.

Three Things to do Before You Hire a Professional Painter

Whether you are looking to paint the interior or exterior of your Los Angeles home or business, Richard Stewart Painting is here to help. But before you give us a call, there are a few considerations you should make to help ensure the project progresses smoothly. Of course, we are always happy to give our clients advice on color, sheen and architecture, but it is important for you to be aware of your likes and dislikes before we step on site.

As you schedule your initial appointment with us, think about the following to prepare for your part in your renovation project.

Three Things to do Before You Hire a Professional Painter

Learn Your Colors

When it comes to color, everyone has a different opinion. And since you will be the one spending the most time in your space, yours is the opinion that matters most during your project. Before you decide to hire a professional painter, take some time to think about the colors that you would like to see transform your space. Decide whether beiges and creams are more your style, or if grays and blues are the accent hues for you.

Think about how bold of a statement you would like each wall to make, and what emotions you would like each area of your home to convey. Once you know what feelings you would like your space to create, you will have an easier time deciding on colors – based on which ones evoke those particular emotions in you.

Save Inspiration

When it comes to the painting business, one of the best things about the Internet is that it allows us to browse an almost endless array of images for inspiration. Using sites like Pinterest and Houzz is a wonderful way to learn your likes – and dislikes – before a single drop of color is painted on your walls. Save some images that you love, as well as some that you really dislike to help provide us with an overall understanding of your interior design taste.

Look at Your Current Walls

Whether you no longer like a room’s current color, or years of wear and tear means your walls deserve a fresh coat of color, there is a reason that you are hiring us to repaint your home. This reason can help you to shape decisions not only on color, but on finish as well. Depending on what a particular space is used for, as well as what age your children are, there are different options to choose from to help ensure a lasting finish in a color you love. Let us know what you don’t like about your current walls so we can help to ensure that the updated results will match your lifestyle perfectly!

Now that you are ready to get started on your interior or exterior painting project, it’s time to give Richard Stewart Painting a call at 1-818-951-1181. We look forward to helping you bring some new life and color to your home!

Tips for Welcoming Autumn into Your Home

fall homeSeptember is almost here, and its upcoming arrival can mean only one thing; autumn is just around the corner! The season for raking leaves, picking apples and carving pumpkins, it is a wonderful time to make some changes to your interior décor. Develop an aura of coziness and cheer with rich autumnal hues and cold weather accents that that will make your home as comforting as your favorite sweater.

Here are just a few ideas from Richard Stewart Painting to help get you started.

Update Your Accent Wall

A popular way to draw attention to unique architectural features and add elegance to a space, the accent wall has become incredibly popular. If your living room is feeling too summery or your bedroom needs an extra touch of warmth, a rich, seasonally inspired accent wall can work wonders. Reds, oranges and deep plum hues are just a few of our favorite options to consider.

Add Layers of Texture

Adding different textures to your space will also increase comfort levels, especially when using throw rugs, pillows and blankets to do so. Faux fur, leather, suede, velvet and knits all inspire the warm, cozy atmosphere that guests will love entering into as the weather grows cooler.

For Los Angeles homeowners craving a bold change during the fall season, Richard Stewart Painting can help you to find the right paint colors for the interior or exterior of your home. Whether you would like to freshen up your walls before holiday guests begin to arrive or are interested in applying a fresh coat of paint to your exterior before the winter chill sets in, our team of professional will get the job done right.

Please call us at 1-818-951-1181 to learn more about our services and request a quote.

Advice for Choosing a New Paint Color for your Home

painting home exteriorThinking about changing the look and feel of your home? It is as easy as choosing a new paint color. With that being said, what is the right exterior paint color for you? Don’t fret; Richard Stewart Painting is here to help you decide.

One obstacle that we sometimes come across is the restrictions of an HOA. Your options could be limited because of a homeowners association that you belong to, but to be quite honest, that can be a good thing. With these restrictions in place, you know that your house and all of the others in your neighborhood will look graceful and harmonious together. Think about the neighborhood that you grew up in. There may be a house that you can still picture in your mind with its awful purple or pink paint color.

When there is a house like that on a street, it can easily bring down the overall aesthetic of the area. And you want your home’s new color selection to enhance the overall look of the street – not take away from it. When choosing your exterior paint color, here are just a few items you should taking into consideration.

We can start with when your home was built, along with its architectural style. Many paint manufacturers have collections of historically accurate colors that you can begin your selection with. You can also think about the colors of your home and landscape that cannot be changed. A warm color like beige, khaki or brown may look great; or a cool gray, black or blue may be the perfect match for your home’s exterior.

If you are planning on repainting your entire home – shutters, doors, trim and everything else – try to think of a color scheme with 3 colors: A field color that will dominate, an accent color and a trim color. The trim should contrast with the field color (think black and white).

Our last piece of advice is to not rely on paint chips when choosing the color that you will paint with. Go out and buy a small can of paint with the color options that you are considering and paint with them on a hidden part of your home to see how the colors will really look.

Are you ready to repaint your Los Angeles home with our helpful advice? Call Richard Stewart Painting today for a consultation and we will get started making your home look like new!


Paint Color Trends We Love

paint color trends 2016It’s not hard to notice the different paint color trends of this year, and every year for that matter. They’re in our homes, at work, in shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants and many other places. We’ve combined information from two reputable sources, HGTV and This Old House, to keep you posted on the paint color trends that people are following in 2016.

According to HGTV, white, light and dark gray, clean green, a warm orange, and lime green are among this year’s top paint trends.

Although very different, each of these colors leans toward the same trend: Improving your happiness and comfort at home. For example, white colored walls make any space relaxing and give off a clean look. On the other end of the spectrum, lime green walls help to boost your energy levels, while also creating a tropical feeling. Paint color trends are about more than just the actual color itself; they’re about improving the mood of each room, and emphasizing how the homeowner wants to feel at home.

This Old House, an online magazine covering topics of home remodels, upgrades and improvements, lists the following as the top paint trends of 2016 according to paint companies:

  • Sherwin-Williams’s Alabaster (SW 7008): A clean, warm white.
  • Behr’s Luxe Dimension (shown), High Contrast, Blurred Boundaries, and Lyrical Living: We can tell you what they each look like, or we can show you!
  • Benjamin Moore’s Simply White OC-117: White like you’ve never seen it before.
  • Valspar’s Simply Perfect (shown), Comfort Zone, You Do You, and Good Company: Four palettes of dominant gray; each one is just as powerful as the next.
  • Colorhouse’s GLASS .02: A light soft grayish-green color.
  • Glidden’s Cappuccino White (45YY 74/073): A creamy white neutral color.
  • Olympic’s Blue Cloud (D48-5): An ocean blue color with deep undertones.

Mostly neutrals, these hues allow the homeowner to experiment with color and design trends in their furnishings and décor.

So which 2016 color trend is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below, and don’t hesitate to call Richard Stewart Painting if you are interested in updating the paint on your interior or exterior walls this season. Located in the Los Angeles area, we are happy to assist homeowners find the right colors for their walls!

Painting Your Space with Bright Colors

yellow wallsFor families that are thinking about adding a pop of bright bold color to their home, it can be tricky to decide how. You don’t want to overdo it by encompassing an entire room in sunny yellow, vibrant blue or rich red, but you do want to make a statement that will make guests say “wow” when they walk inside.

Luckily, there are plenty of creative ways to add just the right amount of color to bring a neutral room to life. Read on to find out how.

Color an Accent Wall

Make a statement without straining your eyes by focusing your vibrant hue in one area. Pairing a brightly colored accent wall with a more neutral shade throughout creates a focal point in your room for the architecture, artwork or furniture you would like to highlight.

To help blend your statement hue into the rest of the room, use accent décor and throw pillows in patterns that incorporate the color.

Brighten a Small Space

Another great way to add a pop of color to your home is to paint the bathroom or powder room. A bit of bold color looks great in a small space, especially when paired with a white tub, toilet and cabinetry.

Splash the Ceiling

Although most homes boast white ceilings, this isn’t a rule that you have to follow. Painting your ceiling and trim in a fun hue is a wonderful way to add some life to your space without committing to the intense look of brightly colored walls. Not all of your rooms need to copy this exact color formula, but we do recommend incorporating the color you paint your ceiling with into the surrounding rooms to help your style flow.

Highlight Architecture

For homes with beautiful architectural features, there are even more opportunities to add color to your space. Fireplaces and exposed ceiling beams both can be painted in a rich color to attract attention. We absolutely love the look of this bright orange fireplace, found on Houzz.

When it comes to painting – especially with a bright, bold color – it is always a good idea to get some professional advice. For families in the Los Angeles area, Richard Stewart Painting has more than 30 years of experience finding the right colors for both the interior and exterior of homes.

To get started on your colorful home update, give us a call at 1-818-951-1181 today!

Boost Your Curb Appeal with a Vibrant Front Door

red front doorIf you are looking to brighten up your home’s exterior this summer, painting your front door in a bold hue is the perfect way to do so! There are endless options to consider depending on your personal style and the color of your home. Check out some of our favorites below:


A sunny yellow hue is a wonderful choice for exteriors that are feeling a bit dull. Especially beautiful when paired with cool neutrals like white, gray and blue, a yellow door will make your home stand out, creating a positive, welcoming feeling before you even open the front door.


Elegant and crisp, a black front door is extraordinarily versatile, able to blend naturally with any and all color palettes. A way to add drama to your home’s exterior, a black front door looks particularly charming when paired with brightly colored siding.


Warm and lively, a red front door is sure to make your home stand out amongst its neighbors. There are a variety of different shades of red to consider, from the vibrant fire engine red to the dramatic burgundy. Beautifully paired with a brick exterior, we also love the look of red and gray.


Especially if your home is surrounded by greenery, a bright green door will fit beautifully, creating a welcoming aura that accents the lively summertime colors across your lawn. From the deep forest green to the bold lime green, there are many options to consider depending on your homes particular color palette.

Regardless of which vibrant hue you choose to brighten up your front door with, a fresh coat of paint will bring new life to your home’s exterior this summer. If you are looking to repaint the entirety of your Los Angeles area home’s exterior, Richard Stewart Paint is here to help.

With more than 30 years of experience, we can assist you in choosing the perfect colors to match the architectural features and style of your home. For more information, visit us online or contact us by phone at 1-818-951-1181.

Changing Semesters, Changing Tenants, Changing Paint

painting rental propertyWhat’s more exciting than another school year wrapping up? Oh right, you’re probably thinking summer! Although that answer’s true, there’s one more. Wrapping up the school year means your old tenants will be moving out within the next few months, which means that you’ve got an opportunity coming up to work on your student housing or dormitories.

If you look around the dormitories and student housing complexes on and off campus, what do you see? You probably see marks, scuffs, nicks and other imperfections on the walls. Whether you lived in the dorms or rented an apartment during your college career, this likely sounds all too familiar. That’s why when you’ve got downtime between tenants, adding a fresh coat of paint can breathe a fresh new look and life into your rental property. From the inside to the outside, it can transform the look and feel of the entire building.

How to Find the Right Painting Contractor

When school’s out for summer, it’s your chance to tackle everything on your to-do list. Oftentimes you will have a short window to repaint your most popular properties, meaning that you need to find a painting contractor you can count on. You need someone who can move quickly, taking the job from start to finish within the weeks – or sometimes only even days – between the old residents moving out and new tenants moving in.

When looking for a painting contractor to paint the walls in your student housing complexes or dormitories, it’s crucial to make sure you hire a painter who has the experience and capability of handling your project. An experienced painting crew will only accept jobs they can handle, with a team that arrives on time and is ready to get to work, fully equipped for the job at hand. They’ll go over every detail of your project before they begin any work, prep the areas being painted, and make helpful recommendations to ensure your satisfaction is met.

That’s exactly what you’ll get when working with Richard Stewart Painting. We’ve worked on projects as small as single rooms to 300-unit condo buildings. When you work with us, we’ll discuss exactly the needs you have and the timetable you’re working with and determine the best approach to ensure high-quality painting in every room or apartment you need done.

Before you know it, your student housing complexes or dormitories will be filled again with students as fresh as the fall air. Make sure that you’re offering them the best-looking properties with Richard Stewart Painting. To learn more, call us today at 818-951-1181.

Are You a Fan of White Walls?

living room with white wallsWhen it comes to painting your walls white, there are two groups of people; those who love the idea and those who hate it. But with Benjamin Moore and Glidden naming off-white hues their color of the year for 2016, now is the perfect time to reconsider your stance on white walls color.

White Allows You to Experiment with Color

For individuals who love experimenting with brightly colored art pieces and bold furniture choices, white creates the perfect backdrop. A crisp, clean option that lets your accessories take center stage, you can incorporate any color you want into a white room.

White Lets You Make Changes

Whether you are looking for a color that will allow your child to adapt their bedroom as their style and interests change or need a wall color that will let you change up your home décor frequently, white is the perfect choice! White walls provide you with the freedom to change your interior design style as often as you would like without having to constantly worry about repainting your walls to match the new tone you are trying to set.

White Works for Every Season

Regardless of if you are accenting your living room with warm winter hues or cool and bright summery ones, white will look wonderful in the background, making it a lovely choice for families that like to accessorize their rooms according to the season.

White Makes Your Architecture the Focus

If your home boasts some incredible architectural features, show them off with white walls. Clean and simple, white interior walls highlight the lines of your structure instead of camouflaging them like many darker hues do.

White Will Always Be in Style

A traditional color choice that pairs well with each and every design style, white will always be an attractive option for your walls. An elegant classic, white looks incredible whether you prefer a minimalistic interior or bold and eclectic spaces. Both traditional and modern, you can’t go wrong with white walls!

Have we convinced you to give white walls a try? All that’s left to do is find the right hue for your home. For assistance choosing a shade of white that you love, contact Richard Stewart Painting at 1-818-951-1181. With years of experience painting residential interiors and exteriors as well as commercial buildings, we are happy to help you update the look of your home.

Follow These Four Rules to Find Your Perfect Paint Color

choosing wall colorsAt one point or another, we have all applied a coat of paint to our walls only to realize that it doesn’t quite blend into our space the way we wanted it to. And after a painting mishap like this, you may be nervous to start your next adventure with color.

There is no reason to worry though! Follow these four rules while you are choose a color and your home improvement project should go off without a hitch.

Plan Out the Room before Picking Your Paint

One of the biggest and most common mistakes individuals make when painting is picking out the paint color before they have planned out what they would like their redecorated room to look like. The color of your walls should support the style and color of your furniture and accessories, which means you should have most of these items picked out before you choose the exact color you would like to apply to your walls.

Also, if you have most of the room put together before you choose a paint color, you can base your paint chose off of an accent color used in a pillow or piece of art.

Choose a Focal Point

Before deciding on a color for your walls, we recommend thinking about what the focal point of your room is. Do you have bright and unique furniture pieces? Are you interested in painting your walls in a bold hue?

Oftentimes, homeowners are unhappy with brightly colored walls because they appear overbearing in the space. If you would like to try your hand at bright walls, pair them with neutral furnishings and accessories or try painting a bright accent wall for a small pop of color.

Think About Your Entire Home

When you choose a paint color, don’t just think about the particular room that is being painted, but consider the entire home as a whole. All the walls in your home shouldn’t match, but the colors should blend together well, creating an attractive transition as you move from one room to the next.

Bring your rooms together with accent pieces, and steer clear of too many bright, bold colors to create a stylish and comfortable home environment.

Know Your Emotional Goals

The final thing to consider before you start looking at paint swatches is how you want your room to feel. Color conveys emotion very well, and if you want your room to have a serene, relaxing vibe you should look at different shades than if you are trying to inspire energy.

Cool blues, greens and neutrals are wonderful for an emotionally calming space, while warm yellows and oranges convey a livelier mood.

In search of a professional painter who can help you find the perfect color for your walls? With years of experience, Richard Stewart Painting is happy to help you transform your Los Angeles are home. Request a quote online or contact us by phone at 1-8185-951-1181 to get started on your painting project today.